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 2022  VRG at The Glen  

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  Time to enjoy each other's company  


  The answer to that decades old question....
THERE'S the beef!  


  Feature Race Winners  


Only our Grill Master would think to use a tire pyrometer to check the temperature of the steak!  


  Bernard,  slaving over a hot crockpot to satisfy the vegetarians among us!  

BBQ Awards3.jpg

  Historic - Stefan Vapaa  

BBQ Awards2.jpg

  Club - Tim Gaffney  

  Post Club - Steve Wagland  

BBQ Awards1.jpg
BBQ Awards10.jpg

  Hard Charger - Steve Ficacci  

  Field Champion  

BBQ Awards16.jpg
BBQ Awards6.jpg
BBQ Awards8.jpg

   Don Denomme - celebrating a long racing career and acknowledging his last race ever!!  
You'll be missed Don!  

BBQ Awards9.jpg

  Challenge Series Winners  

BBQ Awards4.jpg

Historic - Andrew Stein   

BBQ Awards13.jpg
BBQ Awards21.jpg

  Post Club - Ron Beard   

BBQ Awards14.jpg
BBQ Awards5.jpg

  Club - Greg Kokolus    

  Due to logistical issues, we were unable to   present Greg with the real award at this Allan made a placeholder...from the   tackiest stuff he could find! 

BBQ Awards12.jpg

                                                                               The Masters Award - Jeff Barbour                                                                                    

BBQ Awards20.jpg
BBQ Awards17.jpg

  Van Deurbilt Cup - Mike Agnifilo  

  Overall - Andrew Stein  

  Deserving of Recognition  

  Our VARAC brethren had awards from the Canadian Vintage Grand Prix which were presented by Doug Beatty   


  1st Place - Andrew Stein 

BBQ Awards19.jpg

  2nd Place - Ron Beard 

BBQ Awards18.jpg

  3rd Place - Bernard Bradpiece  

BBQ Awards11.jpg

  Su Moran - Record keeper of all things FFCS  


  Bill Stoler - Photographer Extraordinaire  

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