Providing a fun and friendly environment for Formula Ford racers and their families the 2021 FFCS schedule provides Formula Ford racers the opportunity to race on the most storied race circuits in the Eastern United States and Canada. 


In 2021 the challenge for classes will remain a best 4-out-of-7 format.  The series champion challenge for the Formula Ford TriPiston Trophy includes the best 5-out-of-7New in 2021 is a Masters Division for racers over 70 years of age.  We continue to emphasize camaraderie in our points model, promoting volunteerism and helping fellow competitors.   

Mission Statement:

To provide a sustainable, enjoyable, safety-oriented Formula Ford racing series in the eastern United States and Canada that rewards camaraderie, sportsmanship, and preservation of historic racing machinery and principles.



We aim to create and maintain a fun, safe, and friendly on-track and paddock environment that will encourage Formula Ford racers and their families to return regularly to the Formula Ford Challenge Series.  


We do this by always encouraging the spirit and originality of Formula Ford racing.  This includes controlling costs and providing budgeting predictability to our Formula Ford racers by having consistent Sporting Rules, Technical Regulations, and Race Weekend Formats.  


We also aim to deliver value to our competitors by striving to have at least 25+ entries per race weekend with at least one dedicated Formula Ford Only race and typically most sessions Formula Ford Only.

Formula Ford Challenge Series Information:

  1. We race to VRG and other Vintage Motorsport Council Clubs Safety and Conduct Standards. Safety standards will be expected and enforced in both car-preparation and driver behavior.

  2. Three Formula Ford classes will be available to competitors:

    • Historic Formula Ford - first generation cars 1967-72 conforming to VRG Rules

    • Post 1972 Club Formula Ford - second generation cars conforming to VRG Rules

    • Post-Club Ford  (PCF) - third generation Fords raced through the 1986 season using front and rear inboard suspension and vertical dampers not operated by bell cranks. Other post-1981 cars may be accepted at the sole discretion of the FFCS Executive Committee. (Honda Fit engine cars will NOT be permitted)

  3. Tires: All cars, in all classes, will run on Dunlop, Avon, or Hoosier treaded Formula Ford tires ONLY.

    • Single event exemption for first-time entrants with non-compliant tires, subject to approval by Executive Committee. Exempt entrant yields eligibility for series points and awards. 

  4. Series Winner Trophies:

    • The Geoff Clarke Trophy: Historic Formula Ford (HF)

    • The John Webb Trophy: Club Formula Ford (CF)

    • The Ralph Firman Trophy: Post-Club Ford (PCF)

    • Formula Ford Challenge Series Tri-Piston Trophy - Overall Winner

    • VanDeurbilt Cup – Spirit of Vintage Racing, as determined by past winners

  5. Scoring Method:

As per our Mission Statement, points are biased to rewarding fellowship between Formula Ford racers.  Thus, points are awarded for participation in all sessions, helping fellow competitors, group support and, to a lesser extent, race finishing position 

  • Normal Race Weekend Format:  

    • 6 sessions of 25-30 minutes each over 3 days

    • Many race weekends have an optional test day (free at Summit Point Jefferson 500 for early entrants)

    • Formula Ford-only main race (@ most events all sessions are Formula Ford only)

  • Social​

    • Barbeque and cocktail parties at every race weekend (COVID-19 permitting)​

    • At every race a driver from each of the classes (CF, HF and PCF) will win a certificate for Hoosier Formula Ford tires.  Additionally, there are chances to win other items generously provided by our Supporters.


The Formula Ford Challenge Series is a volunteer organization created by Formula Ford racers for Formula Ford racers on Eastern United States and Canada tracks. We earn the loyalty of our participants by our unwavering commitment to a safety-oriented environment on the track and a fun and inclusive environment in the paddock.

2021 Executive Committee

Storm Field

Joe Griffin

Allan Buttrick

Presenting the 2021 Formula Ford Challenge Series

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