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Safety is a cornerstone of VRG/FFCS events, which not only impacts drivers and workers, but also valuable track time.  Incidents caused by driver behavior or mechanical breakdowns due to poor car preparation are avoidable and are part of a program to “Keep the Track Green”.

This multi-point program is a result of the FFCS Executive Committee recognizing the concern for safety and maximization of track time.  It supplements VRG’s multi-point “Keep the Track Green” Program.



  1. Driver Orientation Program (DOP) – VRG has developed a presentation introducing the vintage philosophy inherent in vintage racing, rules for on track behavior and where VRG rules differ from other club’s rules.  This program is for novice drivers or experienced drivers from another club new to VRG racing, but also a good annual refresher for all competitors.


  1. Mentoring – experienced FFCS drivers are paired up with VRG/FFCS newcomers to educate them about VRG’s mission, values, flag use, driver conduct and FFCS Racing Rules.  Copies of FFCS Racing Rules are provided to competitors. 


  1. Event Announcements – for every FFCS event, e-mails are sent to competitors with event details, links to registration and links to VRG’s DOP, Virtual Drivers Meeting, FFCS Racing Rules and FFCS Driver Conduct.  All are encouraged to reacquaint themselves with these vital documents.


  1. Virtual Drivers Meeting – attendance is mandatory for all drivers entering an event, with event details, specifics and logistics for the track and FFCS Racing Rules covered.  A response with a code word from the video presentation is required to participate.  Competitors will not be teched by the FFCS Tech Inspectors until they have watched the virtual drivers meeting and acknowledged same.


  1. At Track Drivers Meeting – attendance is mandatory as any additional information is provided, along with emphasis again on FFCS Racing Rules.




  1. Beginning in 2023, a detailed list of all mechanical issues that cause on track incidents and / or cause loss of green flag track time will be documented and recorded.


  1. When a pattern emerges, the offending party will be contacted to make them aware of the repetitive problems.  Corrective actions may include:

    1. More attention during subsequent Tech inspections by FFCS Tech.

    2. Tech by VRG inspectors with emphasis on areas of concern.


Patterns that identify safety issues with mechanical items common to all Formula Fords will be communicated to all competitors.


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