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FFCS Racing Rules

Winning is not the only or primary objective – clean racing and camaraderie make winners of everyone.

OUT LAP – no passing during the first lap – may have white or yellow flags displayed.

COOL DOWN LAP – maintain 75 - 90% race speeds to minimize the time between sessions.

START - The driver on pole controls speed approaching start line at pace car speed.  No jumping, wait for green flag.

RESTARTS – VRG does not use a pace car.  During full course yellow, close up to lead car quickly, but safely.


  • Overtaking driver has the primary responsibility for a safe pass.

  • The overtaking driver must be even or slightly ahead at turn-in to pass or receive a point-by.  If not, back out!

  • Do not move back on line until clear of the passed car.

  • No blocking. You may take a defensive line, but no second moves.

  • No “dive bombing”!

  • Use mirrors and point to the side you want to be passed on.

  • Raise your hand to signal entering the pits.

  • Being passed?  Hold your line!

  • Two or more cars passing a slower car on both sides is to be avoided at all costs.  If there is a group of cars being passed, follow the lead car around them.




Stationary Yellow – Use Caution – SLOW DOWN

  • DANGER – off the track surface or off the line

Waving Yellow – Use Caution – SLOW DOWN!

  • DANGER – expect incident to be ON the line!

  • Prepare to take evasive action.

Yellow Flag (Stationary or Waving):

  • No passing until next staffed flag station not displaying yellow flag.

Double Yellow – At all flag stations (full course Caution)

  • DANGER – stop racing, no passing at all

  • Close up on the car in front of you

  Black Flag All – displayed at all stations

  • Raise hand, check mirrors, slow to 75 - 90% race speeds.

  • Proceed to pit lane, no passing.

INCIDENTS - All drivers are expected to have control of their cars at all times.

If you lose control and result in:

  • Having 4 wheels off the track

  • A spin  Vehicle rotation approximately

      90 degrees (perpendicular to racing

      line, or more

  • Have contact with anything

Report to Black Flag Steward of the event in pit lane immediately.

Report to Drivers Committee at Impound for any contact that occurred.

black flag.png

Rev 05.07.2024


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