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FFCS Racing Rules

Winning is not the only or primary objective – clean racing and camaraderie make winners of everyone.

OUT LAP – no passing during the first lap – may have white or yellow flags displayed.

COOL DOWN LAP – maintain 75 - 90% race speeds to minimize the time between sessions.

START - The driver on pole controls speed approaching start line at pace car speed.  No jumping, wait for green flag.

RESTARTS – VRG does not use a pace car.  During full course yellow, close up to lead car quickly, but safely.


  • Overtaking driver has the primary responsibility for a safe pass.

  • The overtaking driver must be even or slightly ahead at turn-in to pass or receive a point-by.  If not, back out!

  • Do not move back on line until clear of the passed car.

  • No blocking. You may take a defensive line, but no second moves.

  • No “dive bombing”!

  • Use mirrors and point-by.

  • Being passed?  Hold your line!




Stationary Yellow – Use Caution – SLOW DOWN

  • DANGER – off the track surface or off the line

Waving Yellow – Use Caution – SLOW DOWN!

  • DANGER – expect incident to be ON the line!

  • Prepare to take evasive action.

Yellow Flag (Stationary or Waving):

  • No passing until next manned flag station not displaying yellow flag.

Double Yellow – At all flag stations (full course Caution)

  • DANGER – stop racing, no passing at all

  • Close up on the car in front of you

  Black Flag All – displayed at all stations

  • Raise hand, check mirrors, slow to 75 - 90% race speeds.

  • Proceed to pit lane.

INCIDENTS - All drivers are expected to have control of their cars at all times.

If you:

  • Have 4 wheels off the track

  • Spin more than 90 degrees

           (when you spin, both feet in!)

  • Have contact with anything

Report to Black Flag Stewart of the event in pit lane immediately.

Report to Drivers Committee at Impound for any contact that occurred.



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