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FFCS at Virginia International Raceway with VDCA

  • A great turnout of 27 drivers hit the track at VIR on March 29th to kick off the FFCS season.  Scott Fairchild (Zink Z10) and Doug Meis (Lola 340) put on a clinic with quick times in qualifying, close clean racing and a photo finish in the Feature race with Scott earning the overall win and Club Ford victory wreath, followed by Doug Meis and Joe Griffin (’83 Reynard).  Joe also finished 1st in Post Club Ford class and set fastest race lap time.  All three posted their fastest laps in the high 2:08 second range.  

  • Cal Trumbo (Royale RP16) improved all weekend, finished 6th overall and 1st in Historic Ford, as well as the recipient of the Hard Charger Award certificate from Stonebridge Cryoscience.

  • Chris Cogswell (Crossle 32F) was awarded the Field Flag award upon his return to the series.  Welcome back Chris!

  • Other awards and certificates from our generous supports distributed via raffle:

    • Hoosier tire (BOGO) – Tom Lacosta (Titan Mk IV), Don Baggett (Crossle 35F), Gary Rutherford (Van Diemen RF81)

    • Bill Stoler Photography – Leo Oddi (Tiga FFA)

    • Dominion Racetrack – Cal Trumbo (Royale PR16)

    • Powerslide – Ron Beard (Crossle 65F)

    • Quicksilver RacEngines – David Allison (Merlyn Mk20)

    • Scott Young Enterprises – Brian Thomas (Lotus 51)

    • Stonebridge Cryoscience – Stewart Bartley (Crossle 16F)

    • Valerio – Bernard Bradpiece (Merlyn Mk11)

    • Pegasus Auto Racing Supply – John Herne (Hawke DL17)

  • Photo’s and results are available in the Gallery

Other News:

  • Word on the street is that Avon treaded tires legal in FFCS are hard to come by, as the assets and rights to the Avon name are being sold to new owners in the UK.  Have no fear, the Hoosier VFF tires are plentiful and readily available.  As a generous supporter of our series, we encourage all competitors to patronize Hoosier and all the returning supporters in 2024.


  • As discussed at the Annual General Meeting last September and reported in our year end newsletter, FFCS will implement Revised Rules of the Road – no splitting of cars beginning with the Jefferson 500. Driver Conduct and FFCS Racing Rules documents have been updated on the FFCS website.

    • We will adopt language from CrossFlow Cup (West Coast) Rules:  Two or more cars passing a slower car on both sides is to be avoided at all costs.  If there is a group of cars being passed, follow the leading car around them.  Drivers being passed can generally only focus on one side, so the natural tendency to move over will create a moment for the other passing car.  Caring for your friends who are developing their skills or happy to race with their buddies wherever they happen to be is a core value.   

    • This would certainly apply when lapping cars and not at race starts.

    • We would ask drivers to report any offenses to any FFCS EC member with video so investigations, appropriate discussions and any repercussions can be carried out.


  • Also starting with the Jefferson 500, we will continue to develop the use of one-way in-car radios for notification of course and flag conditions.  See the FFCS website for TB001 under Technical Bulletins for details on the latest technology in use.


  • The FFCS Scoring Model is still in effect with emphasis on participation at events, volunteering and helping a neighbor.  Class Series Winner is based on points from the best 3 of 6 races.  Overall Series Winner is based on points from the best 4 of 6 events.


  • We have been in discussion with VARAC officials about the Mosport Vintage Grand Prix race June 14-16 and with 27 cars currently entered we will have Formula Ford only races, one on Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Practice and qualifying on Friday will be a mixed group with other open wheels cars.


  • At the February VRG Board Meeting, it was announced the Drivers Committee will implement the previously draft “VRG Driver Infraction Guidelines” as discussed and distributed at the FFCS Annual General Meeting.


  • The VRG has partnered with The Piston Foundation to provide a charitable means of remembering everyone’s favorite Tech Inspector, Tivvy Shenton, who passed in 2023. To date, donations from the VRG, proceeds from the sale of Tivvy t-shirts, and contributions from friends of Tivvy abroad, The Piston Foundation has raised over $7,600. A scholarship is $5,000 to the recipient, so we have been able to provide one thus far, and are over halfway to another – thank you all! We hope that in 2024 you consider donating to The Piston Foundation in Tivvy’s remembrance, and plan to make available throughout the year an opportunity to donate at VRG events, as well as purchase Tivvy t-shirts if you have not already gotten yours. The Piston Foundation uses the proceeds of these donations to provide scholarships and assistance to young folks learning to become the next generation of car restoration specialists. This next generation of tradesperson, by way of The Piston Foundation, will be placed in shops across the country to learn the skills needed to restore and maintain the automotive machines we all appreciate at the race track and on the road.

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