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 2022 New Jersey Historics

Driver meeting.jpg

  At the Drivers Meeting Andrew Stein explains the   testing of one-way radios to enhance driver  safety  

Around the paddock.jpg

   Ron and Andrew discuss the communication protocol   

  Around the paddock   

False Grid 4.jpg
Around the paddock 1.jpg
Around the paddock 2.jpg
False Grid 1.jpg

  The False Grid   

False Grid 6.jpg

  and some last minute words of wisdom   

False Grid 5.jpg
False Grid 2.jpg
False Grid 3.jpg

  Racing at its finest...   

On the track 11.jpg
On the track 5.jpg
On the track 7.jpg
On the track 4.jpg
On the track 2.jpg
On the track 6.jpg

  The checkered flag   

On the track 3.jpg
On the track 10.jpg

  Feature race winners   

Winner 1.jpg
Winner 4.jpg

  Club - Joe Griffin  

Winner 2.jpg

  Post Club - Dan Finocchiaro  

Winner 3.jpg

  And of course, the carrying on of the Dan Gurney tradition. 

    Historic - Stefan Vapaa  

  As always, thank you Bill Stoler for your continued support and contributions to the 
   Formula  Ford  Challenge Series. 

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