As in 2018 and 2019 the scoring model continues to be a best 4 out of 7 events model for the class challenges (HF, CF and PCF).  The  Overall Series Challenge Winner for 2020 changes from including all events to the best 5 out of 7.



Race entry:                                                        30


NEW to VRG Entry (never raced w/ VRG)       15

Early-Bird Entry:                                                 15                              


Starting Feature Race:                                       20

‘Field Champion’ Winner:                                 10        

1st in Feature Race:                                           10

2nd in Feature Race:                                            9

3rd in Feature Race:                                             8

4th – Finishing:                                                     7


Starting Sprint Race:                                         10

1st in Sprint Race:                                                5

2nd in Sprint Race:                                              4

3rd in Sprint Race:                                               3

4th – Finishing:                                                     2


Participation Ancillary Session(s):                     10


Weekend Volunteer:                                          10-30

Help a Neighbor (per incident) *                       5-20

Driver Committee (per incident)                      10 - 30 (Negative, Depending on Review)


Scoring will be published and tracked as outlined above for each competitor in the series regardless of whether you do one or all events, look for results on this site. 


Please report any discrepancies to or any of the Formula Ford Challenge Series representatives for resolution.  

*  Help a Neighbor points are based on a submission model in which someone must let a  Formula Ford representative know about the incident; max of 3 per event by any one single party.  There will also a sheet at headquarters in which you can write-in the points.

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